As a company that regularly works with start ups (both bootstrapped and seed funded), we absolutely love keeping up to date with the fast paced world of tech and the types of new and innovative ideas being developed at any given moment.

The goal of these monthly start up picks is for us to feature some of the new companies that we think will have a bright future and find some solid traction on the market. For June 2016, here are our picks of start up companies to keep an eye on :

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This is a project we had the pleasure of working on from design to build. Created by a powerhouse broker duo from Vancouver, the Presale Match search engine allows Vancouverites to search for presale properties in all of Metro Vancouver. Accompanied by specific search criteria, users can be as specific or as general about their search as they want to be. The vision for the platform was to provide a modern and seamless search solution to users in an actively growing real estate marketing in Vancouver, as well as offer presale information that searchers would not find on their own – as guided by the expertise of the Presale Match team!


Yet another project we got the pleasure of working on! Enercore Energy is an interesting (and highly backed) start up in the oil and gas sector that is based in Canada. At a time when the Canadian oil and gas market is at its down, the Enercore team is presenting some very competitive solutions and opportunities in the market.


Based in San Diego and a partner of ours – WEVO is a very unique CRM solution in what is a very highly competitive and over-saturated market. Meant to be as robust as you want to be, WEVO is one of the few fully integrated CRM solutions currently available to small business companies. Meant for independent professionals and mid level companies – the platform is fantastic at offering unique lead tracking functionality and features (which sales guys would love!). For businesses looking to improve their marketing, WEVO offers a small email builder so you know who your active clients are as well as event management (no more Eventbrite), invoicing and survey capabilities.


Communicating and sharing sound like simple things – and they should be. Somewhere along the way, they got complicated. We decided to build something incredibly ambitious and bold to pioneer a new kind of communication infrastructure and network. We’re in the early stages of our efforts. While we’re excited by the amazing product that we’re building, we choose to remain in stealth mode before extending Handler to a broader group of people.


Truckies instantly connects shippers with licensed truck-drivers via a simple to use app, backed by advanced technology. We provide an instant marketplace to connect truck drivers around Australia to goods that need to be delivered, allowing drivers to expand their business and shippers to get their goods to market on time – saving time, money and providing access to drivers for moving everything from a single pallet to a full truckload.


Kowrk is a platform that enables The Future of Work™ by connecting users with coworking spaces, business centers and other providers of shared offices. All the spaces listed on our platform have been vetted through personal visits. Hence you see not only professional snaps, but also photos taken by users of the spaces. Users can leave feedback about the coworking spaces. This ensures that what you see and read on Kowrk is what you can pretty much expect at the space. Thus we have eliminated the need for you to visit a space before booking. Just like how you would book a hotel.


The easiest and most effective inside sales CRM. Eliminates manual data entry and helps sales teams close more deals.

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